About Us



Moshate was founded in late 2010 by Mashilo Mnisi, who’s now the Executive Director of this men’s rights organisation, and it was officially registered as an entity in February 2011 with the South African National Department of Social Development (DSD) as a not-for-profit organisation (NPO).
Then later, in 2012, Moshate, which implies a ‘chief’s kraal’, got registered with the South African Receiver of Revenue (SARS) with aspirations of also becoming an ‘emerging social enterprise’ (ESE). The main purpose of this ESE or NPO is to fight and address the imbalance of gender and ill-treatment of men and boys by authorities in South Africa that include bias and ridicule by police, court officials, public health workers and any other public official rendering service, as a result of victimisation and abuse by female counterparts.

Moshate intends not to downplay the women’s struggles and rights nor fighting with policies uplifting the status of women, but we are fighting abuse and victimisation by women and by the system that tends to be fomenting these against men by curtailing equity when dealing with the male counterparts. Therefore, we have realised that a lot of men are cringing and fearing to come out and report victimisation and abuse, and particularly due to states’ exclusion within the domestic policy framework and programmes. For this same light, Moshate was formed as more men were becoming victims of domestic and workplace abuse.

Mission & Vision

Our mission
is to fight abuse against men and boys by providing social services and through public education, as well as by collating data.
Our vision
is a world in which males and females live as equals in harmony

Human Capital-Board Committee

Gayle Kekana – Chairperson
Kizito Kabengele – Deputy Chair
Robert Magampa – Treasurer
Conrad Nagiah – General Secretary
Mimi Enith Maretele – Trustees