Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJ DC)

  • Our beneficiaries and victims are experiencing abuse with many of the courts of law which are within the jurisdiction of the DoJ DC. There are a lot of challenges faced by our constituencies due to irregularities taking root at the courts where a lot of women manipulate the system and successfully abuse men. Moshate has started working with several courts, primarily those which deal with domestic and civil matters such as the District, Family and High courts. We intend to educate and train court officials on abuse against men through the workshops, and lobby jurists on advocacy and gender equality.

  • South African Police Services (SAPS)

    Moshate partners with the SAPS as a lot of violence and abuse towards men is being experienced and dealt with by this unit of government. We have successfully partnered with the SAPS Victim Support Centres, which are dealing with domestic violence and abuses. The intention is to partner with every Police Station in South Africa.

    Commission for Gender Equality (CGE)

    In 2012, Moshate and the CGE agreed to start working together since the two organisations concede to the promotion of gender equality in South Africa as their main mandate. The collaboration was adopted and agreed upon during a meeting in 2012 called by CGE where the CGE’s chairperson, Mfanozelwe Shezi, was present moderating the meeting, in which CGE committed to support and sponsor Moshate’s public education campaigns and workshops, and also committed to commission any of the organisation’s research.

Gauteng Department of Social Development (GDSD)

  • We partnered with the GDSD on numerous programmes that include POSITIVE MALE ROLE MODELS CAMPAIGNS and Men and Boys Training Workshops. The department has a dedicated programme called Victim Empowerment Programme (VEP) which addresses issues affecting men and boys in the Gauteng Province. It is a good vehicle and platform for Moshate to exceed challenges as we can be able to access and tap into other men’s organisation in Gauteng.

Families South Africa (FAMSA)

  • Formerly known as Families Association of South Africa, FAMSA is being used as a referral destination for our beneficiaries and victims, particularly those struggling with marriages and relationships in other parts of the country where Moshate does not reach. Although our beneficiaries and victims have reported and expressed dissatisfaction from gender stereotypes by FAMSA, we are advising the association on gender sensitivity through the Memorandum of Understanding that we submitted.

  • University of the Witwatersrand (School of Human & Community Development)

    We use the Wits University’s School of Human and Community Development as a referral point for our beneficiaries and victims to deal with psychological problems as a result of victimisation and abuse by spouses and the domestic environment. We have a specialist psychologist housed at the school who have obtained a PhD in psychology, doing some similar work for various organisations and dealt with so many cases in this regard.